The Timeless Pergola– Kits and Styles

Overview of Pergolas

Pergolas have a lengthy history and it is said that the basic structure and use for this style of design can be dated over 3,000 years ago to a high court official of Thebes in Egypt. Over time, however, these garden features have changed names, sizes and even material but the use has always been the same. Forming shaded walkways, these artistic structures can be used for a handful of different needs. They can be seen as extensions of a building, a link between pavilions and simply, protection from the weather in an open terrace. It is not uncommon to see pergolas decorated with vegetation. This not only adds an extra touch of beauty to a walk through garden but can also be beneficial for those that enjoy working with plants.

Prefabs and Kits

The choice is entirely your own when deciding which way to buy a pergola. You can easily find prefabricated pergolas to fit your budget and style. Depending on where you go and what your preference is on design, this could be the more expensive route. Finding a company, much like LA Pergola, that will allow you to design your own pergola kit, could be exactly what you need when searching. Due to the rich history of this feature, you’ll find a huge selection of pergolas, from size, material and color.

Styles and Ideas

The designs for pergolas is almost endless. There are so many different ways to construct this feature to fit your taste and personality. For those with creative flair, below is a brief list of different ways you might want to design your new pergola.

  • Arch style– If you’re looking to add a rustic touch to your property, building an arched style pergola is definitely an option to consider. Constructed most often with weather resistant steel or iron, it provides extra room for airflow.
  • Plant based– Maybe you’re looking for a design that will flow naturally with your garden. Weaving together alive material like bamboo, will create a unique look that to tie directly into nature itself.
  • Lattice and recycled material– Vinyl is fantastic for any outside project. This recycled material wont rot and can withstand a decent amount of heat and sunlight. Vinyl can also be painted and made to look like wood as well. Adding lattice to your pergola would be the best choice for gardeners wanting to incorporate vine fruits to their garden collection, while providing dense shade in the thick of summer.

Pergolas aren’t just one style or design. There are so many different sizes and ways to construct that the options are nearly limitless. While searching for the best pergola might take some time, especially because these garden features don’t generally fall on the cheap side, it’s best to keep an open mind, because you never know what style might speak to you!

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