Cheryl Smuthers keeps customer service and loyalty intact in Southern California. Her family business has over forty years of pergola experience, and they are enthusiastic knowledge sharers of everything pergola. In a Californian world of innovation and speed, Smuthers keeps the peace in a timeless industry while enjoying the advantages technology has brought.

By embracing change but holding on to her roots, Smuthers has been able to evolve her business into one that offers the best pergolas in the nation. She does not cut corners to ease the construction process but rather works with only the most trustworthy contractors, so you can be sure your getting value for your money.
¬†The pergolas designed by Cheryl and her team have been featured on national home and garden magazines, and she is able to accomplish everything her clients want and has the resources to make it happen quickly. Need a quick pergola for a wedding? Cheryl will have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for the big day. Want a lifelong structure meant to enhance your home? This too is L.A. Pergola’s everyday mission.

Want to talk more about pergolas? Cheryl is happy to hear from you. Please email her at